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Complete and open research and development system

R & D headquarters belongs to Cenway Technology, mainly engaging in the research and development of new products, and providing technical support to the subsidiary company.


Production optimization research and application technology research reside in each subsidiary company of Cenway Technology.


Collaborative laboratories spread over many universities in China, the United States and Japan.




R & D talent think-tank


Most chiefs of all projects have studied overseas or engaged in research and development works in multinational companies for many years.


A dozen well-known experts enrich the think-tank of Cenway Technology.


High-tech elites in the global scope are continuously recruited.




Science and technology innovation- Excellent ability of research and development and technical engineering 


Chemical synthesis


Integrate fundamental research of higher education with Cenway Technology’s rich industrial experience by long term cooperating with Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, Dalian


University of Technology, and Zhejiang Yangtze River Delta Research Institute.


Cenway Technology has made the breakthrough progress in the new product development, reactor development, and products’ micro-optics structure analysis.


Builds “Academician expert workstation” of Cenway Technology led by Fei Weiyang, an Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences.


Keeping up with cutting-edge technology, promote exchanges in new process, new technology, and new equipment.


In solving key technical problems,Promote technological achievements transformation and industrialization.


Cultivates versatile technology innovation talents.


Biological fermentation


Hires Andy Lau, a professor of Chemical Engineering Department of Tsinghua University as chief scientist in biological fermentation field.


The process obtained more than 20 foreign or domestic patents.


Possesses a number of R & D personnel with rich experience in biological fermentation.


Cenway Technology has industrialized the enzymatic process with an output of 50 thousand tons per year.


Production equipment operates steadily.


The pharmaceutical preparations


The research and development centers and cooperative Laboratories of controlled and slow preparation were established in Zhongshan University ofChina, Tsinghua University of 


China and Santiago in the United States.


Builds drug synthesis technology cooperation laboratories with school of pharmacy, Capital Medical University and Institute of Medicine of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences.

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